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About Sharp Glass Services

Martin Snelson and Mike Moore are the co-owners and hands-on glass specialists that lead the Sharp Glass Services team, providing an un-matched level of service and experienced, quality workmanship in Christchurch.

Sharp Glass was originally started by Martin’s Father, Edward Snelson, in 1973. It was Edward Snelsons passion for the hands-on work, and most especially for providing a much-needed service to his hometown of Christchurch, that established the company as a service-driven provider of glass installation, repair and advice throughout the region. 

Martin Snelson worked for this Father part time from a young age, gaining a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the business, until he later chose to take a different path into primary school teaching.

aboutMike Moore was not so much employed as, taken-under-the-wing-of, Edward Snelson, and gained a thorough on the job knowledge of all aspects of the glass industry. Mike says that is it because of the businesses original owner, Edward Snelson, and his renowned ethical character, combined with the fact that he had true belief in what he did, that has made the business so successful. Mike says that he was treated so well by Edward Snelson that he stayed with the company ever since, maintaining the same values and level of service as were passed on to him. 

After teaching, Martin Snelson chose return to the family business and in 1980, out of a mutual trust and respect for each other that has kept them going in the many years since, Mike Moore and Martin Snelson took over the running of the business as a partnership. 



Mike and Martin both believe that it’s the people that keep the business going, and it’s the people that motivate them to provide the same level of service as has been offered since the businesses was established in 1977. They can even boast to still providing glass services to some of the original customers that started with the company.

These strong ethical beliefs have been passed down to Mike’s son Daniel Moore, who also works in the business. Daniel started helping out after school, then left for study, gaining a Degree in Psychology. Daniel has since has returned to the business to work with the people he respects. With an exit plan in place for Martin and Mike, as they move towards a well-earned retirement, Daniel is taking on more responsibility in the business  with a view to what will effectively be a third generation at the helm.